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PLA Face Foam Replacement Eye Mask

PLA Face Foam Replacement Eye Mask

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Bullet Points:
1、Practical Design: This shade eye mask is specially designed for Valve Index VR, and it can be used for replacing other VR glasses.
2、Strong Function: The eye mask can effectively reduce the light leakage of the headset for Valve Index, and it can enhance the immersion effect of the VR experience.
3、Comfortable to Use: The eye mask is resistant to sweat and dirt and is comfortable to wear.
4、Breathable Design: The small hole of the eye mask is refreshing and breathable, and it is not boring to be used for a long time.
5、Small Tip: Please note that the product is only an eye mask, and no other stuff is included.

Name: VR Eyewear
Material: PLA
Sizes: about 7mm/0.28in,11mm/0.43in
Weight: 10g/11g
Application for Valve Index VR
Colour: black

Packing List:

1*VR Eye Mask

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