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Binocular 3D Glass Headset for Smartphone

Binocular 3D Glass Headset for Smartphone

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Take you into the 3D world

Virtual reality glasses

3D vewing

Vmmersive game

Panoramic live viewingImax large screen

High definition image quality

Virtual reality

Support the myopiaDownload VR app Enjoy 3D Movies and GameIMAX giant screen cinema

Ant view hall,a pc player independently developed by the brand,can watch vr video and 360 degree panoramic video,local 2D/3D video can be converted to vr for viewingRealistic experience

Broad perspective,close to the real perspective of human eyes,immersive,immersive exprerience gamePlay games with family

Play games with family,watch movies,VR education Give children different contactDouble-coated lenses to relieve eye fatigue

360 days carefully crafted

Double coating ultra clear lens

Four-segment interpupillary focal length adjustment

Adjustable front and back

Eye distance adjustment

TPU soft leather eye mask, breathable and comfortable

Adjustable lens

Support Myopia

Suitable for people within 0-600° myopia

90 degree design

Phone size 4.7-6.9 inch

Phone resolution Above 1920x1080

Phone system IOS/Android

Adapted myopia 0°-600°

1080P high resolution

Support 4K resolution

Humanized design card slot

Adjustable buckle

Put your phone here

IOS/Android universal

Support 4.7 to 6.9 inch Phone

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