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NEW VR Virtual Reality 3D Headset

NEW VR Virtual Reality 3D Headset

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Distance adjustment: 62/45(adjustable)

Size: 179*96*125mm

Virtual screen size: 3 meters to view a 1050-inch screen

Field of view: 90 degrees

Support: 3.5-7.0 inch mobile phone

Headband: buckle elastic headwear

Body material: high-strength ABS+PC

Eye mask material: skin-like proteinheat-dissipating skin material

Clarity/Visibility: 90%/99%

How can I use this 3D VR Glasses?

Method 1: Download Cardboard from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.

Method 2: Download 3D Videos (left-right format) into your phone, play it directly

Method 3: Download Kodi to your phone, watch online streaming videos in 3D

Method 4: If you understand Chinese, you can use the official App.or you can contact us for how to get a lot of Apps for both IOS and Android.

How To get more Apps?

Search "vr" or "3D Glasses" or "vr Glasses" in the APP Store or Andriod Market to get more Apps.

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